KS3 Curriculum

The key stage three (KS3) curriculum

We aim to provide a broad educational experience across the key stage that prepares students for higher level study. The focus is on skills development, to enable students to develop their understanding of higher level concepts and increased content at a later stage in their education. Ensuring students have the literacy and numeracy skills to access GCSEs is fundamental to their first years in the school.

The curriculum at KS3 is designed to prepare students for further study in all the key areas at KS4 and beyond.

Students have lessons In English, maths, science, technology, PE, art, drama and music in all years.

In year 7 geography, history and religious studies are taught as an integrated humanities programme to support our literacy provision. In years 8 and 9 these humanities subjects are taught separately to prepare students for the start of their GCSEs.

A modern foreign language (French) is taught in years 7 and 8 and some students are given the opportunity to learn another language (Spanish) in year 9 which allows them a choice of 2 language options at KS4. Community languages (Panjabi and Urdu) are offered as an enhancement twilight provision for some students. In years 8 and 9 some students are withdrawn from their language lessons to develop their literacy skills.

In year 7 all students follow a ‘Mindset’ programme to develop their resilience in learning, which is continued in years 8 and 9 with extended project based work to develop their independent learning skills.

For more information about the Key Stage 3 curriculum please see below. You can also contact

Mrs Louise Pratt, Deputy Headteacher, on 0113 257 4115 or info@priesthorpe.org

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