Welcome to Co-op Academy Priesthorpe

Message From Principal, Martin Blacoe   

mr blacoe

I am privileged to be able to welcome you, as Principal, to Co-op Academy Priesthorpe. We are a popular and over-subscribed school, which prides itself on being at the heart of the community it serves.

The Academy has a very special ethos, which visitors continue to comment on. Equity and equality are key drivers for us in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to excel within a highly inclusive and supportive community.

We have the highest expectations of our staff, students and parents and strongly believe that embracing rather than avoiding challenge is critical if our students are to achieve the exceptional outcomes they are capable of.

Priesthorpe serves a very diverse community and is extremely proud of the empathy, tolerance and respect that its members show each other. These qualities underpin our total commitment to develop the whole child, academically, socially and emotionally.

Having recently joined the Co-op Academies Trust, we are excited by the opportunities that we now have to work closely with our sponsor. Co-operative values, such as self-responsibility, equity and honesty, have been at the heart of community development and regeneration for the Co-op for over 150 years. We know that these values and our close links with our sponsor will help to accelerate our Academy improvement.

The Academy’s vision and aims below reflect the aspirations we have, not only for our students but our community as a whole; a community committed to the very best teaching and learning.

Our vision:

To inspire all students to love learning and leave Priesthorpe with exceptional outcomes, equipped and motivated to contribute fully to life within their own communities and beyond.

Our aims:

We always strive to:

  • Work together as a community, committed to great teaching and learning, securing exceptional student outcomes as a result
  • Develop resilient and aspirational students, who openly embrace challenges with enthusiasm
  • Recognise that every child is an individual who has the potential to excel
  • Foster values in students which lead to strong relationships, built on compassion, empathy and respect
  • Embrace co-operative values, promoting life-long learning, cultural diversity and social justice across our community

Please feel free to visit us at any point during the working day. Simply telephone to let us know a convenient time.

Martin Blacoe